Saturday, 17 June 2017

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Why is Fathers Day Celebrated

You love your father don't you? but don't you want to know why is fathers day 2017 just another festival and celebrated?  let us know why is fathers day celebrated throughout the world.

Why is fathers day celebrated

Father day is celebrated throughout the world to see how fathers are contributing to their children and importance of fathers in children's lives. It is celebrated with a main motive of improving mail parenting and fatherhood. 

Fathers Day is celebrated throughout the world on variety of dates but in most of the country's father's day is celebrated on third sunday in the month of June.

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How to celebrate father's day if you are a child

  • Firstly Wish your father in the best way you can and express your love to him
  • Hug your father to show your love towards your father. 
  • Get a good cake of his choice and celebrate together. 
  • Give your father a gift. 

You yourself a father, what best you can do?

  • Make sure you are on a leave and spend the whole day with family.
  • Take out your family for a nice dinner or lunch. 
  • Get your kids some gifts. 
  • Keep yourself happy. 
happy fathers day 2017 celebration

Happy fathers day 2017 celebration


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